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Current System:(BBS is now offline. This was the last used configuration for it.)

The Inner Circle BBS runs on a little 128meg RAM, 4 Meg CybrerVision3D, WarpEngine 40/040 equipped Amiga 4000 using the TransAmiga BBS system. This machine also handles a full time fax line using GPFax and has the Emplant board which runs both MAC and IBM systems software on it. We currently have three phone lines connected to the Amiga, using Infotel 56K data/fax modems. We have two CDs online plus 1.5 Gig of local files on our harddrives. In our archives we also have all of the Aminet CDs, the complete Fred Fish Frozen fish cds, ab20 cds, BCI net cds, amuc cds, and several others so PD/shareware items are pretty well covered! We are a support site for the TransAmiga BBS so if you are in need of some assistance with your TA BBS just let me know!

Excellent resource for Amiga:

If software is either Public Domain or shareware for the Amiga, the chances are quite remote that we don't have it! Major collections are collected on CD disk as often as available and since we were here from the begining we have an acumulation of other good, useful tools that are used everyday here we can recomend! We EVEN know which of the commercial packages are worth your money! Just ask and we'll be happy to help where we can!

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