Collins Beach at Sauvie Island

This area is protected a bit from the chilly Columbia River breezes and is maintained a bit by:

Friends of Sauvie Island Clothing Optional Beach
PO Box 7459
Beaverton OR 97007

However, you should still pick up after yourself responsibly in order to help keep the beach a place to which you and others would like to return. There is usually a good volleyball game going and friendly folks here, so join in and have fun! A great place to spend some time whenever you are in the Portland area.

Directions: Northwest from Portland on US 30 turn over the Sauvie Island bridge, buy a parking permit from the little store at the foot of the bridge. It is a State Game and Wildlife parking permit. Drive about 1.8 miles past the store then turn right on Reeder Road and drive another 10.7 miles. Watch for signs along the right stating, "Collins Beach, Clothing Optional area, Nudity on Beach only."


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