Whitehorse Ranch Hot Spring

This is a primitive hotspring but it does have a concrete outhouse which seems well maintained. There is very little for shade so chances are very good that you will sunburn here! The hot pool they say was volunteer built and the water is between 105-112 degrees which then overflows into a larger cooler pool of about 80 depending on the air temp and wind of course. The hot pool would hold several people and while we were there there was no waiting for the hot soaks. We met some Canadians who come every year for their vacation and spend two weeks camping here. There are hotsprings all over the area if you wish to explore BUT test the waters before jumping in as some of these are well over 180 degrees in temp. We spent the day alternately laying in the sun and tanning and then going in and soaking. All the people we met here both local and travelers were very friendly and nice people to be around. Of course we never met any clothed people here either! Ever notice that clothing tends to make people unpleasant? Must be all that pinching and binding!

Directions: Go 21 miles south from Burns Junction on US 95 then turn west on a gravel road. It is called Whitehorse Ranch Road on the sign so you'll know you are on the right one. Go west another 21 miles and you will see the Whitehorse Ranch which you will drive by on the south side. When the fence stops following the road on your left side (about a mile and a half past the ranch), take that next left dirt road and follow it about 2.5 miles. If you come to a road blockade you are just to far, back up the 25 feet and take that road to the right and you are here! It is just to the north of that little hill so its easy to find.


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