Our organization does not currently own resort property, although we are seeking suitable property for sale or long term lease.   We also strive to keep The Inner Circle informational webpages the most current and informative of any of the resources in the NorthWest of the United States.    If you have area information we don't have, let us know!!    Of course we do NOT promote those happenings which are not Naturist family oriented.   Naturism is a form of whole Family recreation and does not exclude any members of a family!   We modestly feel these are the BEST Naturist pages to bookmark available on the web!    ...even if you are not currently an Inner Circle member!

Many of our members have some facilities which are made available from time to time for our Inner Circle gatherings, plus we actively support our other local clubs in their activities and events.  Any Inner Circle member can volunteer to lead, plan, or be club spokesperson for an event and that person upon acceptance of his plan, he is then referred to as the "FOCAL" (Function Officer in Charge of All Laments).   Everything concerning that event is done through his guidance.  Members may participate in any event they wish.

Each member attending an event is responsible for:

As a member you are representing The Inner Circle and your actions will reflect on how our club is looked upon by other clubs.  Our image is very important to each of us.  Our conduct should be held to the highest of standards and must be at all times suitable to a family environment. A little Common Sense will go a long way in our being welcome where ever we go!  We should:

We very much wish to keep our members so please don't make us have to expel you.  We are a happy group and it would affect that happiness to have to lose a friend.  Have you been searching for a GREAT group of fun loving people?  Then you might want to check out the link below!!


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