Ashamed - of the way God made me? Ashamed - of my beautiful form?
When Jesus was my pattern, and this was the way I was born?
Then I must be ashamed of my Jesus, and ashamed of my God up above.
For He formed me by His pattern, and molded me in His love.
Ashamed - of what God called perfect? Ashamed - of His work Divine?
When I am formed in His image, and He is the Saviour of mine?
God forbid that I should turn traitor, to condemn the work of His hand.
He called His work good and perfect, I will obey His every command.
Twas sin that brought shame to the garden, let's trample it in the dust.
And lift our faces to heaven, live clean and pure without lust.
The temple of God is our body, lets keep it so clean for Him,
Not defile or pollute it, but be ruled by His Spirit from within.

- Author Unknown

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