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Most, if not all of our health problems are fully self induced! Some are really obvious like those caused by smoking, drinking, over-eating, under-eating, lack of exercise, etc. but several are caused by our un-natural desire to keep massive disease causing bacteria collections next to our skin! Even "clean" clothing never worn after washing still carries several types of bacteria which grow rapidly when provided with moisture and heat from a living body! Ironically, the fact that the practice of Naturism can add HEALTHY productive years to life is well known by our health leaders but they refuse to tell the "mere common citizen" about it! Just ridding yourselves of clothing whenever you can will make your health show remarkable improvement and extend your useful productive life by several years! What reasons can YOU come up with for the governments of people NOT to want them to live longer more productive lives? It seems to make very little sense till you discover things like Social Security in which all uncollected funds revert to the government at the death of prime recipient with no under age children! If we live too long they make less "free" money! And so "they" have taught us to do OURSELVES in! Those who ORDER you to wear clothing, in effect ORDER you to get sick and die early! It is the same as ordering you to commit suicide! Worse, their "valid" reasons for requiring clothing have NO basis at all in fact but only in myths perpetrated by a couple of well known Doctor's theories of behavior without any studies at all being cited! One of these doctors even later reversed himself after he had actually raised some children! Indeed, ALL the studies done have shown a much more positive effect than the commonly accepted "normal" theory! SEX crimes go way down, not up when nudity is the norm! Crime in general goes down too! I suppose a bank robber would have no place to hide his gun without clothing! Teen pregnancy is almost unheard of in nudist circles, even child molestation is almost a zero factor! Families tend to enjoy being with each other too! In fact, studies of inmates in federal and state prisons show there was very little nudity tolerated in the home while the inmate was growing up, on the other hand those people who seem to be helpful to society like philanthropists, diplomats, statesmen, educators and the like seem all to have had open nudity in the home while they grew up. Hmmmm... with overall effects seeming so very positive, why the big push to outlaw it? Are we so hard up for criminals that we really have to create more murderers, rapists, thieves, thugs, and child molesters?

So what is this "Naturism" thing you ask? Well, first off it has absolutely NOTHING whatsoever to do with sex. People who tell you it does, know nothing at all about Naturism. You perhaps would be well advised to question any other of their "facts" too! The word itself is adopted with the meaning of returning to nature as opposed to "nudism" which just means doing things without clothing. The two words are used mostly interchangeably but a Naturist would prefer outdoor camping while a nudist would prefer more the nice motel type of "roughing it"! Both groups tend NOT to equate nudity with sex and any lewd behavior will get you a forceful invitation to leave the gathering. Perhaps the Christian groups fall more toward the Naturist side as they tend to enjoy God's creation a little more. WHOA you say! Christians without clothing! But isn't that against Bible teaching? Not at all! In fact if one actually searches the scriptures, the first thing he finds is that it was someone else entirely who must have suggested clothing in the first place because God wanted to know where Adam even got the silly idea he was naked! Gen 3:11 Just stop and think about it for a minute. God wouldn't have been real keen on the idea of hiding his creation from view now would he? Especially since it was created in his own image in the first place! In fact, He pronounced His creation "Very good"!! Actual Christians couldn't help but be supportive of nudity as the covering up and degradation of the body came from the other side! Even God's prophets were commonly nude as shown by Isaiah's example or like when King Saul went nude and people started asking if he had become a prophet! Actually, it is worth a study. Find every story in the Bible which has nudity in it. Now check in each story and determined who was punished for wrong doing. You'll find it is NEVER the naked person! In fact, you'll find it was always the person who made light of the naked person! Seems God doesn't like having the creation which He lovingly fashioned in His image made fun of either!

So, do you want to find out a bit more about this then? Follow the links but please, take a little time as there is a lot to digest. Look things up! Ask questions! But understand that just because you have thought something to be true all your life doesn't mean that it is. We were told to search the scriptures and find whether these things were true, not to just believe what someone tells you. A lot of the time just as soon as you ask why something is like it is, you'll find the answer as to whose idea it really was. Like for instance, who really benefits from God's image being removed from sight? or being made fun of? or damaged? or being thought of in a degrading manner?

We were ALL born with an image of God; what have you been doing with yours?

This is the title of one of my short writings which you will find in the writings section. I hope it will get you a few answers as to the why of things, but again, don't take even my word for anything. LOOK IT UP! Prove it for yourself. You can start right here! 1 Corinthians 3:16-17 Need more reference books? This link will help and help NAC too!

"If God had intended mankind to run around naked, surely we'd have been born that way!"

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